Sacramento Pine Laminate Flooring

Sacramento Pine Laminate Flooring

Sacramento pine laminate flooring has become quite popular because of its beautiful wood veins and wide applicability. Pine laminate flooring is well accepted by Sunspeed’s customers around the world. Among the various types of pine laminate flooring, the Sacramento pine laminate flooring is extremely marketable.

As a popular type of pine laminate floors, Sacramento pine laminate flooring is characterized by exotic flavor. Customers who like exotic styles are very keen to this type of product. Besides Sacramento pine laminate flooring, Knotty pine laminate flooring is another popular product of the pine series of laminate flooring. Both of these two laminate floorings could be produced as hand scraped laminate floors, which makes the true wood feeling more vivid.

If you like our pine laminate flooring don't hesitate to add it to the quote cart and request a quote. Sacramento pine laminate flooring looks great with a hand scraped surface so we recommend you select that as one of the options.

Surface AC Level Grooving Treatment Format (mm) MOQ m²

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