High Gloss Laminate Flooring

High Gloss Laminate Flooring

High gloss laminate flooring is a classic product of Sunspeed Flooring. Compared with gloss laminate flooring, high gloss laminate flooring is shinier and more similar to piano surface. High gloss laminate flooring is quite popular among customers all over the world, especially Australian customers.

Many customers choose high gloss laminate floor as their surface type not only because of its high shine but also for its smooth surface, which makes daily housework easy. High gloss laminate floors can be produced with various decor colours like cherry, oak, teak, etc. Among them, oak laminate floor with high gloss surface is most popular.

Many customers are not clear what abrasion rates of laminate floorings are suitable to them. Actually, for residential use, AC3 laminate flooring is quite enough, but if it’s for commercial use in public places like shopping malls, working office, we will recommend AC4 laminate flooring which is more durable. High gloss laminate flooring does not have a wear resistance layer because the high gloss alone is very wear resistant.

If you want high gloss laminate flooring manufactured for competitive prices then add it to the quote cart and seek a quotation.

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