Groove laminate flooring is an excellent choice if you want real wood look laminate flooring. You can go one step further and vividly mimic the look and feel of real wood if you get groove laminate flooring with a realistic surface texture such as wood grain or synchronized. These are all options you can choose when you request a quote from us.

Here are the options of groove laminate flooring (also known as beveled laminate flooring) we supply:

Laminate flooring really fulfills its potential when it totally deceives people into thinking it’s real wood. That’s one of the things we most love about producing real wood look laminate flooring.

These days we’ve found painted laminate flooring is the most popular of the groove laminate flooring types. This is because the paint disguises the raw colour of the HDF along the beveled laminate flooring lengths, thus making it a seamless continuation of the décor paper design.

Click on the links above to see your favorite type of groove laminate flooring and remember to add them to the quote cart so you can get our competitive prices.

Surface AC Level Grooving Treatment Format (mm) MOQ m²

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