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We are OEM laminate flooring suppliers with over a decade of experience in the industry. Since our inception in 2002 we’ve taken big steps to become a laminate flooring supplier you can rely on for outstanding service, quality and value for money.

Sunspeed Flooring, based in Shijiazhuang, belongs to the Sunspeed Group, which is an established market leader of steel exports, fashion e-commerce and laminate flooring. The laminate flooring we manufacture for our customers overseas is produced alongside our Group’s domestic flooring brand “Meidica” – famous in China for stunning the market with exciting designs and quality product that rivals the behemoth brands of Europe.

Our commitment to quality and being able to offer our customers new products and designs that we think will work well in their markets is something we pay a lot of attention to. Anything we can do to help our customers achieve higher profit margins and gain a larger portion of their market is a valuable part of our service as we strive to be flooring suppliers with a difference.

Over the last decade, Sunspeed Flooring has invested in a total of four production lines in the North of China. Our production capacity along with our team’s development has matured and evolved in tandem.

Our team includes a mixture of experienced staff that have been with us from the beginning, along with new blood flow in our team to ensure we have a vibrant mix of both young and experienced team members. Everyone can get numerous opportunities to show their personal and professional ability during the daily work and we thrive on the fresh ideas our younger members contribute to push us in new and exciting directions. This is something we believe our current and future success owes a lot to. is our fresh new website for 2013, year of the snake. We used to operate out of, but now, harnessing the power of the internet we have created so our customers can find us better and enjoy a more modern website that has an easy to use quote system and provides a deeper insight into us as laminate flooring suppliers with our regularly updated blog. You can check out our blog for the latest shipment photos and news about fresh designs and techniques we can offer you.

As a reputable laminate flooring supplier, Sunspeed Flooring endeavors to consistently produce quality laminate flooring for our customers while at the same time keeping our prices very competitive. Our production standards comply with EN13329 and as quality focused manufacturers of laminate flooring, we have a dedicated laboratory in each of our production bases with a full quality control team to monitor the performance of our products right from the initial selection of raw materials through all stages of production and packaging.

The business principles of Sunspeed Flooring are sincerity and service. We strive for mutual benefits and win-win for all. Outstanding service is our priority and customers paramount; mutual understanding and positive attitude will drive our future success.

We know we are not the only flooring suppliers you have to choose from, but believe once you experience our dedication to helping you achieve higher profits with our excellent service, quality and competitive prices you needn’t look anywhere else.

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