Waterproof Laminate Flooring Made for Vietnam in 22 Days

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Waterproof Laminate Flooring Made for Vietnam in 22 Days1 Container of Water Resistant Small Embossed Surface Laminate Flooring

This order of 4,315.07sqm waterproof laminate flooring with a small embossed surface texture was manufactured and loaded ready for shipment to Vietnam in just 22 days.

The flooring was packed into two 20GP containers and not pallet loaded so as to save our customer freight costs. Loading without pallets is indeed a great option if you want to achieve a rock bottom price. This Vietnam customer has always ordered with pallets in the past but this order was a little different.

Loading Waterproof Laminate Flooring for Vietnam with No Pallets to Save our Customer Freight Costs

If you???ve checked out our blog before you may have noticed that this customer from Vietnam orders from us regularly and consistently requests the same specifications (small embossed surface laminate flooring in 8mm & 12mm).

Their last shipment of small embossed flooring was on 24 February and the one before that this year was on 9 January.

This time round our customer opted for 12.3mm thickness flooring instead and they also changed the sizes slightly. Their usual sizes are 808x126x12mm & 1215x196x8mm, but this time they went for 809x130x12.3mm & 809x147x12.3mm. These two sizes each featured a different design.

As with this customer???s previous orders of small embossed flooring they requested an AC3 wear resistance layer and they requested waxed edges again (like the February shipment) to make it waterproof laminate flooring. Waxing the edges is quite a popular treatment, especially among our customers from Southeast Asia where it is very humid with plenty of rainfall.

If you are from a humid part of the world and need waterproof laminate flooring then don???t hesitate to contact our sales team for a competitive quotation!

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